Ladybug Help Center

This section is to help get you set up and familiarize you with ladybugos


ladybugos is a browser based software. There is nothing to install or update other than our optional enhancement plugin, which is free to do so at any time.


Our cloud-based delivery model which in this case is a Software as a Service (SaaS) model, provides lower upfront costs, rapid deployment and access anytime. Updates to our platform are done at our end, and you need only refresh your browser to be running our latest software platform. There is nothing you need to do to have the latest version of our system running in your browser.


Our communication method is known as WebRTC. There are security precautions built into any browser to limit the websites ability to access your devices by this, or any other method. You must allow the ladybugos application to access your camera and or microphone with each new session if you would like to make or receive calls form the system. If you would rather shut off that security detail, you may use the Firefox browser, and visit the URL: about:config   Then search for: media.navigator.permission.disabled You may then set this value to true. This will disable the notification permanently for the Firefox browser, and our application will not ask you again.

Location Services

Our mapping application will also ask for permission to use your location. If you would like to allow the application to use your location, you must allow this access. We do not use your location information for anything. Only the mapping application has access to it, and it is not recorded in our system in any other way.


Our system is an entire operating system within your browser. There is cloud storage, with some editing capabilities. You can record video, voice and take images, documents, and store or  manipulate and delete it all from within your browser. You may also access our platform or download any of your files from any location as well.

Our VOIP system is designed for multi users within your organization. You can create users, and assign permissions for storage access, and also specify phone numbers and log access for call center type duties. The administrators are able to see at any given time all of the live connections in the system, and either listen in, transfer, hold or end any communication within the system. The “Basic” user levels are not allowed access to any critical information such as your account credentials, or sid. They may also not make any in app purchases of any kind, such as new numbers etc.

Browser Extension

Our plugin adds function to your browser, and extends ladybugos into other website content as well.