Welcome to Ladybug OS!

Ladybug OSHave you ever wondered what a smartphone could do, if it had the display and processing capabilities of a laptop, and the portability and network capabilities of a server in the Cloud?

Have you ever wondered, why no other VOIP companies have bothered to put the extra time into their platforms to create a full size software version of an online or desktop smartphone for their clients? Well, so did we.

Meet Ladybug OS, the first multi-line capable browser based smartphone.

This gaping technological hole in a variety of un-merged platforms we are all familiar with has been fully addressed with Ladybug OS. What was the result? The most powerful online collection of telephone apps publicly available in the world, right here! You can run an entire Call Center from home with even our most basic packages. But you don’t need to be the Wolf of Wall street to require our PBX services. Even teachers and students can take advantage of our Call Scheduling applications, and our low price, and never miss another test or be late for another class again!

What is a VBX you might ask? The acronym stands for Virtual Branch Exchange. This is an online variation of a PABX, which stands for Private Automatic Branch Exchange.

A private automatic branch exchange (PABX) is an automatic telephone switching system within a private enterprise. Originally, such systems – private branch exchanges (PBX) – required the use of a live operator. Since almost all private branch exchanges today are automatic, the abbreviation “PBX” or “VBX” usually implies a “PABX” and vice versa.

Ladybug OS is a Voip online hosted solution that can replace nearly every feature of any other products currently on the market, and deliver the reliability and world wide reach of Twilio, with no programming required. Our automated operator solutions can also replace a room full of employees, and a computer full of software as well. An online call center can be set up right out of the box, and allow employees to work from home, eliminating the need for a centralized office as well.

The main purpose of a VBX is to save the cost of requiring a line for each user to the telephone company’s central office. As such, we have created our platform to work with Voip telecom giant Twilio. We went with Twilio for two reasons, price, and scalability.

We develop applications that use Twilio as the carrier. Each Twilio number costs 1$ per month, and text messaging in the US is less than one cent, while calls are billed at about one cent per minute.

With Ladybug OS, you need not worry about any new equipment or licensing fees. Anyone can log in anywhere from any full-size browser, and begin to use the system immediately.

Businesses need a reliable, flexible VOIP solution that will integrate seamlessly and open up endless possibilities of remote usage and new marketing advantages and techniques that reflect the current state of technology. The world of Voip has entered a new phase that is allowing businesses to leverage communications in amazing ways that only a few years ago would have required massive capital investment, and continuous hefty monthly licensing fees for call center software.

Our high quality hosted Voip solutions make the standard desk phone look like a relic of years past. Check out our features page for a more detailed examination of just how far behind we leave other Voip options like Skype and Magic Jack with applications that have never even been publicly available anywhere before. And don’t forget to look over our Demo Application. We have borrowed some styling cues and some functionality from other platforms that will both allow you to intuitively get the hang of our applications immediately, and also allow us to continuously add endless new applications and organize them all in such a way that our interface remains useful, intuitive and uncluttered.

This approach has allowed us to build commercial grade Twilio powered Voip applications, and give our hosted Voip applications the familiar look and feel of any smartphone that can be used immediately with very little training. All this power, delivered right through your existing browser.